Sunday, October 3, 2010

Modern Warfare 2: Console warriors.

So I finally decided to put down Modern warfare 2. Now don’t get me wrong it’s actually a pretty good game, however, the amount of rage this game in particular has extracted from my normally calm persona is beyond mind-boggling. There are problems with the game itself but the calibre of problems big enough to result in a sudden rage quit is more so community related. Just because there’s a setup made only for the exclusive purpose of being easy mode and god damn annoying, it doesn’t mean you have to run with it every time, I mean seriously, one man army with RPG and tubes?

I hear the excuse often that people pay for the game they should play it whatever way they most enjoy it. First off I don’t think anyone could seriously enjoy the pre mentioned setup, everyone I see rocking it amazingly has a microphone and a voice not too dissimilar to that of a prepubescent cross dresser, and the amount of shit talk that spew’s forth from their mouth is just ungodly. Within 2 minutes of playing with these people you can safely conclude two things
1. Their parents payed for the game as no one would pay such a person to be within a hearing vicinity of them.
2. They are idiots.
In a time when almost all games have some multiplayer aspect, gamers need to adopt a different game styling. I come from a pretty big MMORPG background and I’ve noticed that people who play these games have been doing it for years. When you’re playing with others you need to play a certain way to get the most out of it, whether that’s just the way you carry yourself in game or your actual play style, nobody enjoys a loud talking arrogant idiot who does nothing to help the team. The time of single player exclusive games are over, and maybe your TV didn’t talk back when you screamed at it for being absolutely vacant of spatial ability, but I will and when the community has finally had enough and there’s a mass exodus from the game you love, you’ll know who to blame.

Fuck it, see you in Black ops.

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